PROJECT NUMBER:  2016-1-PL01-KA201-026801
DURATION: September 2016 - August 2019

What is guidEU?
The guidEU project's main aim is to prevent dropping out of school and disengagement from the labour market through provision of personalised, high-quality career guidance system and tools supporting lower and upper-secondary students with career explorations and overcoming shortages of highly trained counsellors.
The project sets up to build strong links between schools, training institutions, employers and parents across countries to best link curricula to international employment opportunities, reduce mismatches in skills and career choices.
Purpose and overall goals

  • Reduce early school dropout through professionalized career guidance
  • Overcome shortages of counsellors at schools 
  • Enrich scarce offer of free-of-charge and barrier free tools for the recognition of students' career predispositions and interests to be used on their own 
  • Enrich scarce offer of career-oriented materials and free-of-charge tools for guidance counsellors, devoid of technological barriers to the computer use 
  • Improve career guidance services through engaging tools, methods, linking school curricula to international job opportunities 
  • Foster youth provision, equity on the labour market  

      Project Outcomes
  • Benchmark Report with career e-guidebook to determine key dimensions of high-quality career guidance in international context, while addressing the validity of the project tools/ outputs and expectations. 
  • On-line career aptitude tool to diagnose and measure lower and upper-seconday students' professional skills and predispositions, with  unattended execution of test components and automatic generation of assessment report 
  • "Get to know the labour market" game - useful and ready asset for students to understand the labour market. 
  • Training toolkit
    • Teacher’s guideline on how to implement the developed game into the classroom
    • Guidance counselling lesson plan, involving all the developed tools
    • Action Plan for lkower and upper-secondary students.

​Partner Schools and Organisations 


1st Transnational Project Meeting
Limassol, CYPRUS
14th & 15th June 2017












1st Short-Term Staff Training Activity &

2nd Transnational Project Meeting
Lublin, POLAND
23rd until 28th April 2018 




UPCOMING Activities


1st Short Term Students Learning Activity
24th until 28th September 2018
La Coruna, SPAIN

2nd Short Term Students Learning Activity
November 2018
​Lublin, POLAND


Newsletter 1

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Newsletter 2

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Newsletter 3

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Intellectual Output 1 (O1) 
Benchmark Report

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Comenius Project "Triple AAA: All About Apples"

Partner Schools
Highgate Private School (CYPRUS)
IGS – Rheinzabern Realschule Plus (GERMANY)
Liceo Scientifico Morgagni (ITALY)
Hauptschule / Neue Mittelschule Haiming (AUSTRIA)
Hijas de la Natividad de Maria – CPR Nosa Sra do Carmen (SPAIN)
Shire Oak Shire School (ENGLAND)
Ridala Pohikool – Lasteaed (ESTONIA)
Sredno Obshtoobrazovatelno Uchilishte “Hristo Botev” (BULGARIA)

What is ​“AAA: All About Apples” ?

“AAA: All About Apples”:Apples have always been used as a symbol of the origin of the world in many European countries. It can be found in many fields like arts, agriculture, economy and science. Moreover it can be found in every country, in every place and at every moment of the year. Above all, we believe that apples can bring people together and increase their European Citizenship. Partners in this project are from France, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Portugal, England and Austria, most from socially, economically problematic areas. We will pursue intercultural contacts and implement the European thought at school, respect differences, enhance linguistic and personal skills of students by international meetings in a nice atmosphere around this theme with presentations, songs, poems, paintings, planting trees, cooking,games, organizing festivals and writing stories.Project meetings offer possibilities to interview apple producers, diet specialists and visit all sorts of places related to our topic. Subjects are many and vary greatly so each partner can include the theme into their curriculum and focus upon fields of interest and the features of the region they live in. Subjects like maths, science, literature, physics, chemistry, environment, economy and ecology will use this project, in order to teach students in a more creative and enthusiastic way. Pupils will see the coherence between all topics and become aware of the importance of the entire subject during meetings and presentations at school. All of our results will be shared and disseminated in various ways, via the web, DVD, local press, and a final school project event where partners,press and parents are invited. This project was outlined during a preparatory visit.

Happy Moments


Special Educational Needs (SEN)

At Highgate School we believe that Inclusion in its true form is not merely about occupying the same space as others; it is about having a meaningful role and identity within the school society and the opportunity for self-actualization!
As a mainstream school we can provide services and accommodations for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) who can be effectively included in mainstream classes giving them the opportunity to develop alongside their peer group. We provide differentiation and accommodations to support the child with special educational needs, in order to facilitate the child’s particiaption socially, academically and behaviourally within the class.

The needs of the child with SEN are balanced with those of his/her class peers through the evaluation during the enrolment process. It is expected that parents will provide the school with all necessary documents, medical and assessment reports upon application for enrolment.

Enrollment procedure and criteria for SEN status:

Once we have received and reviewed the initial documents we may require further information which we will gather using one or all of the below methods:

  1. Teachers assessments
  2. Trial day at school
  3. Other specialist evaluations as recommended

Students within the SEN support system will also undergo ongoing assessment, through the normal assessment procedure as for every child and through a formal review of needs at the end of every Key Stage.

Please contact our administration department for the list of necessary documents to proceed with registration for students with SEN.

Criteria for SEN status:

  1. SEN status children are accepted on a continuous conditional placement, which is reviewed at the end of every key stage, and can be withdrawn if the school decides that it can no longer adequately support the student’s needs.
  2. SEN status children should not function academically, more than 1 year behind their peer group and cannot be placed in a year class more than 1 year behind their chronologically appropriate class year. Normal criteria for progression and graduation apply within the scope of SEN status.
  3. SEN status children are expected to follow all mainstream activities and procedures as per all peer group children. This includes extra curricula activities, excursions and celebrations. Services and accommodations must not disrupt the education of the peer group.

Curriculum and Activities

  1. Differentiations and accommodations are aimed at enabling access to the mainstream curriculum and activities rather than providing an alternative curriculum or activity.
  2. The individual learning style of the child, the use of assistive technology, project work etc may be utilised to enhance learning. These will be reflected within the child's IEP which may include other support services such as therapies, emotional support and behaviour programmes.
  3. In addition to academic development, school activities promote social and life skills applicable to use within the school and within the wider community.

Family – school relationship

The relationship between the school and the family of all children at Highgate is based on mutual respect and joint action towards the development of the child. To this end it is expected that there will be a continuous and honest exchange of information and ideas. For those children with SEN there will be pre-determined meetings such as IEP full team meetings. Both sides should feel free to request a mutually convenient time to discuss matters related to the education of the child. Existing or new medical or psychological reports must be made available to the school.

Personal data

Highgate School follows all required personal data protection practices.

Beyond Highgate

List of Universities for our Alumni Students

  • University of Cyprus
  • University of Nicosia
  • European University
  • Frederick University
  • Sheffield University
  • Kent University
  • Kings College
  • Buckingham University
  • Central London Queen Mary University
  • Southampton University
  • Middlesex University
  • University of Rome
  • Universities in Netherlands
  • German Universities
  • Houston & Tennessee University



Global Connections

Franchise with us

Highgate Private School provides the unique opportunity to take advantage of our established reputation and proven success by establishing a Highgate Private School Franchise in a selected region.
Community and business leaders who aim for success and who have the depth of talent required to drive dynamic growth would be welcomed. Our future partner(s) must share our vision, be committed to the project and show integrity in executing the school business plan to be agreed upon. Read More...

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Why Highgate?

We're proud of Highgate for many reasons. The school is a multi-cultural place to learn about the world and our approach to learning recognises this, where all pupils are treated as unique individuals with different educational and social needs. And yet, through such diversity, Highgate nurtures a strong sense of togetherness and happiness Read More...

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My name is Thusi and I have been at Highgate for 9 years. I like the teachers at my school, who are friendly and teach in a fun way. You know everyone here. You can mix with students of different age groups.
My name is Nefeli. I am in year 9. The school is small but I think that the reason we are all so happy is because we all know each other. Small groups are beneficial because we learn so much better and we get a lot of personal attention.
My name is Kyle. I am in in year 9. Everyone is friendly, respectful towards each other. We are an international school from different places of the globe. All the activities that the school offers are really great and most of us feel that everyone in our community cares. The school offers homework club and many out of school activities. It is such a positive environment.
My name is Maggie, I am 14 years old and I come from Poland. I have been at Highgate for the last 3 years, and I really like being here. When I enter the school gates I am important, as this community is part of all of us. I have many friends, and everyone cares for each other. We all get individual attention, and all the teachers inspire and support us. My school is like a home to me and to all of us students. We are so lucky to be here.
My name is Mutasem. I have just joined the school and I already made many friends.
A friendly atmosphere, a caring and safe environment. The School has managed to bring together young, energetic, qualified, knowledgeable and dedicated teachers, specialists and admin staff. The support of teachers has been individual and outstanding. My son has now developed new healthy and balanced lifestyle habits and his self-confidence has grown significantly.
Olga Bystrova | Parent
My children are in Highgate for the 5th year and they love it. Academic side is very good, teachers are professional and really love children. There are also many after school and during school activities for general child development. The environment in the school is very friendly and family like. I can see from my kids that they are taught to love learning not just for the grades. Also what I like about the school is that each child is individual and is seen as individual.
Natalia Polyntseva | Parent
My child has developed so many skills within a relatively short time and his progress is tremendous. The head-teacher is always accessible and willing to practically support parents and pupils. Private education at its best!
Andreas Nicolaou | Parent
Pubic Speaking: Pubic Speaking was really good for me. It actually did help me a lot. Ok, it didn't get me more self-confidence because i already have too much hehe , but it did teach me a lesson about life.
Alvaro Hergueta Year 8
Pubic Speaking: For me, the public speaking course was not only enlightening, showing me techniques for speaking to a large crowd, small group or even individuals which I was previously oblivious to, but also allowed me to understand how I as an individual needed to prepare for a speech. Finally, the course also helped me control my nerves when speaking publicly. I found the tutorial very helpful, and actually, unexpectedly quite enjoyable. In my opinion, the hands on approach of Mr. Leonidas and the school's administration assisted our improvement greatly.
Chloe Savvidou Year 10
Pubic Speaking: Public speaking was a great experience that allowed me to be truly dependent on myself after practising over and over again, working through the problems that we encountered. It truly was a fun and extremely important life lesson to learn.
Jonny Hart Year 9
Pubic Speaking: It helped me with raising my confidence
Ino Polykarpou Year 8
Pubic Speaking: It helped me with facing my fear and helped teach me how to talk to a group of people and not stress out.
Thusi Rohan Year 8
Pubic Speaking: The public speaking gave me self-confidence
Maggie Tomaszewska Year 8
Pubic Speaking: It helped me be more organised and improved my behaviour.
Enyalios Papadopoulos Year 8
Pubic Speaking: Public speaking has helped me open up to a number of people and share my opinions and helped me overcome my fear of talking to big numbers of people
Alex Christofi Year 8
Pubic Speaking: The public speaking competition helped me feel more courageous when talking to bigger groups of people.
Kyle Fox Year 8